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Welcome to the home of Jay the Barber, the proud owner and mastermind behind East Valley Styles! Jay has built a stellar reputation as a fantastic barber, known for his exceptional skills, creativity, and dedication to his craft. On this page, you'll find impressive examples of Jay's work, along with insightful videos showcasing his talent and passion for the art of barbering. Serving clients in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, and throughout the East Valley in Arizona, Jay always has an open chair ready for anyone seeking an outstanding haircut experience. So, whether you're a long-time customer or a newcomer looking for a fresh cut, join us and discover why Jay the Barber is the go-to expert for all your hairstyling needs in the East Valley!

Jay was born and raised in Milwaukee WI and moved to Arizona in 2011 after owning two barbershops and the last of which he sold in 2011. He brings a different haircut style and flavor to AZ which sets him apart. He is rapidly climbing to the top of the hair scene in Arizona and his creativity, passion and style is unmatched. He has been cutting hair since he was in grade school in the late 80's and has been on the professional scene as a licensed professional since 1993. He is constantly expanding his knowledge and working to improve his craft and skill set. He is a visionary in the game and is passionate about what he does.
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